We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident

Protecting Our Democracy: A Call to Conscience to the Citizens of Barnstable

by The Barnstable Democratic Town Committee

We believe the very foundational principles that make the United States of America a great and special nation must be preserved. The election campaign as it is being waged by Donald Trump puts those principles at risk.

We call upon all of our citizens to resist the racist, misogynist, sexist, culturally insensitive, inaccurate, inflammatory and vulgar campaign of divisive hatred and abuse being waged by Mr. Trump upon all of us and on former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Trump exploits and denigrates various groups in our society seeking to pit each against the other in his quest for power.

Mr. Trump’s success in doing this so successfully within his own party should give pause to citizens of all parties as we contemplate electing the next President of the United States. We call upon all citizens of good will to reject his candidacy for the following reasons, among others. We believe that:

  1. Women, be they politicians or citizens, are not objects to be numerically rated and disparaged by our candidates based on body proportions.
  2. People of various religious or ethnic groups should not be subjected to discrimination based on their particular faith or heritage.
  3. Nations should not be walled off from each other.
  4. Civil unrest in our own nation should not be used to divide Americans against each other by race or divisive rhetoric pitting people of different races against officers of the law.
  5. Hateful acts of violence at public rallies should be strongly condemned, not encouraged by the person seeking the highest office in the land.
  6. Threats of nuclear war and bombastic saber rattling should not be lightly used as campaign rhetoric.
  7. Other candidates should not be routinely demonized and insulted.

We respectfully call upon civic and religious groups and all parties to stand with us in elevating the civic discourse and we urge all politicians to work together to improve the quality of life for all of our citizens. We believe campaigns should be devoted to exploring ways of improving our nation and our communities. We promise to hold ourselves to these high ideals here in Barnstable and to keep the focus of concern on issues of importance to the citizenry.

We believe that is our civic duty. Please join us.