"Politics and government are complicated and messy...
I've got better things to do." 


This is something we all hear from many people. We hear this from our friends, family, even strangers on the bus.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Getting a handle on politics is easier than you think. 

We get it, politics and government can be overwhelming when you first start to get into it. Federal, state, and local levels all have their own ins and outs. It's easy to become confused and want to give up and settle in for a nice Netflix binge. 

But it is our responsibility as citizens to keep our government accountable for what needs to get done. Without our oversight the ugly parts of human nature overgrow and choke an otherwise healthy and well-functioning democracy. 

Knowledge is power and we aim to help demystify government so that you can feel confident when you take on the issues you support. A well-informed citizen is a strong citizen, they're a citizen that steps up to the plate when they're needed.

Together, we can make a lasting impact on our community and the communities around us. But that doesn't happen unless you know what you're doing. So let's get to it, shall we?

Local town government

specifically regarding Barnstable, MA


Local governments all basically function the same way so whether you're a Barnstable resident or not, you'll be able to learn some pretty important things about who your local government is and what they do.


Who Get's To Serve In The Town Governement?

If you're a resident, you can be a part of your local town government, all it takes is a little research. Some of these positions are volunteer-based, some are appointed, and some are elected.

Local office is a great way to help the community, get the experience, the knowledge and the credibility to find solutions – and it’s the best preparation for any higher office.

Everyone can make a difference by learning, running, and voting for our municipal government.

How is Town Government Structured?

Barnstable has a city form of government with 13 elected town councilors, a town manager, and more than 40 committees and commissions that perform regulatory and advisory tasks.

Appointment to those boards comes by a vote of the town council.

Elected Position

Town Council


Barnstable Town Council is a 13-member elected body. 

They are the legislative and policy-making branch of town government.

The council develops, adopts and enacts policies and ordinances, which serve to enhance the general welfare of the town.


Appointments Committee


The Appointments Committee interviews interested resident applicants and makes recommendations to the town council for a vote to fill various open board and committee seats.

appointed and reviewed

Town Boards and Committees 



These are appointed members who work together and take overall responsibility for a specific town function.

They serve independently of the town council and have authority to grant permits and their decisions are legally binding.

Barnstable Town Council 2017

Barnstable Town Council 2017


Town boards & committees

Barnstable's 40+ boards and committees fall into in three major categories: Regulatory, Advisory, and Ad Hoc/Subcommittee.

For more detailed information on the individual boards, please go to the official website of the town of Barnstable.

If you are concerned about substance abuse, youth services, water quality, affordable housing or other community issues, there are plenty of town boards in need of volunteers. Everyone can make a difference by learning, serving, running and voting. Local office is a great way to help the community, get the experience, the knowledge and the credibility to find solutions – and it’s the best preparation for any higher office.



Barnstable's Regulatory Services Department provides public health, public safety and environmental services to town residents and visitors with the objective of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the permitting process.



Advisory Boards offer nonobligatory advice and make recommendations to the town council or town manager.



Appointed Position

Subcommittees are committees formed within the Advisory Boards to delegate specific tasks within the jurisdiction of the full committee. 

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