What is a
Democratic Town Committee?

Democratic Town Committees are volunteer-run organizations that help to mobilize democrats on a local level—which is essential to grassroots organizing. Each town in MA has its own Democratic Town Committee and they are all governed by a set of by-laws put forth by the State of Massachusetts.

You must be a resident of Barnstable to JOIN the Barnstable Democratic Town Committee but we welcome all residents of Cape Cod to attend our meetings and join in on our discussions the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm at the Centerville Recreation Building in Centerville. 

If you would like to join the democratic town committee of your hometown, you can find out who the chair of your local democratic town committee is here

We hope that you'll stand with us for a strong democracy that fosters equality for all citizens. 

Remember, the duty of American citizenship extends beyond casting a vote every 4 years, it is also your duty to maintain the democracy. As democracy is a government for the people, by the people. 




We join together as an organization to find, elect, and support candidates who will work toward a more fair and equitable society, who will seek to open doors of opportunity for all without regard to race, ethnicity, age, economic circumstance, religious belief, sexual orientation or gender identity.



BDTC Monthly Meeting

As Democrats, we stand for equal rights and against discrimination whether racial, ethnic, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious, disability or age.

We stand for offering a hand up to the young, the old, the disabled, to people living in poverty, to people facing discrimination and believe we all benefit when each of us has the opportunity to develop our individual gifts and talents.

We stand for:

  • health care as a human right and educational opportunities for all.

  • protection of the environment and efforts to achieve renewable energy.

  • an America that celebrates our immigrant past and future and believe our diversity makes us culturally richer and economically stronger.
  • tolerance and open hearts.

We believe we stand stronger together.


Our Elected Board

A strong organization cannot function without strong and effective leadership. Please meet the elected officials of the Barnstable Democratic Town Committee's board. These five members are the core of our operation.



Sean Caughey moved to the Cape 10 years ago with his wife, Cindy, and quickly jumped into the political world.

He began his involvement with the BDTC in 2009 and quickly went from being a regular member to vice chair to chair. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Cape and Islands Democratic Council and has been very active in many successful campaigns across the Cape. 

When he’s not helping Democratic candidates and causes, Sean runs his own small business, Harborview Studios, a full service video production company. He also enjoys getting out and experiencing al the things the Cape has to offer but he’s also perfectly happy staying home and watching Marvel movies. 

Nancy Ayotte BDTC Vice Chair

nancy ayotte | vice chair

A retired social worker and a former newspaper reporter, joined the BDTC in 2012 soon after she wrapped up 20 years of part time work as a newspaper copy editor. During that time, she also worked as a social worker. It wasn’t until she left the newspaper that she was free to work on politics.

Nancy washed over to the Cape from Nantucket in the early ’80s, returning as a stranger to this sandy soil that was once home to her Dennis-born grandparents and many generations of theirs.

On the BDTC, Nancy has served as secretary, and now as vice chair.  She enjoys history, politics, getting stuff done and learning about the stock market.

Mark Brunco BDTC Secretary

marc brunco | secretary

A very passionate Democrat since before he was able to vote, Marc volunteered with the Elizabeth Warren campaign, and Vermont Democrats during the 2012 cycle.

After college he became a member of the committee and eventually the current secretary. Marc has been a resident of Barnstable for over 15 years.

Marilyn Drobiarz BDTC Co-Secretary

marilyn drobiaz | co-secretary

As a lifelong Democrat and active participant in many state and local campaigns in the State of Massachusetts.

Marilyn joined the Barnstable Democratic Town Committee in 2012 to contribute to the re-election campaign of President Obama as well as the election of Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey to the United States Senate.

She has actively worked since then for Democratic causes and most recently became the Secretary of the BDTC.

Marilyn is an Operations Manager for a major New York Stock Exchange firm and enjoys spending time with her family, all Boston sports, performing community service, as well as cooking, baking & creativity in the kitchen.

Mary Mohan BDTC Treasurer

mary mohan | treasurer

Married with four grown children, Mary is retired and has lived in Barnstable for five years. She has always been interested in politics and started working with the BDTC in the “Elizabeth Warren days”.

Mary became a Committee member in 2013 and was voted Treasurer in 2015.

Some Of Our Local Partners


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